Hand Tools

When it comes to quality, performance and durability, IDEAL is the professional choice for hand tools. The community of professionals know what it takes to succeed in today’s electrical work and IDEAL fills those needs with high-quality innovative solutions. Whether it’s wrenches, wire strippers, screwdrivers or our all-in-one Linesman Pliers, IDEAL has a superior tool for every stage of the job.

Hand Tools
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  1. SKU 45-221
    Reflex™ Super T®-Stripper Wire Stripper, Stainless Steel
  2. SKU 45-121
    T®-6 T®-Stripper Wire Stripper
  3. SKU 45-416
    Reflex™ Premium T®-6 T®-Stripper Wire Stripper
  4. SKU 45-716
    Kinetic® Super T®-Stripper Wire Stripper

4 Items

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