Yellow 77, Fish Tape, Bender


For wire installation, from start to finish, Think Blue.
S-Class Fish Tape on Black Background

Only blue withstands the rigors of professional use

  • Durable plastic housing and ergonomic design

  • Laser-etched markers for easy measurement


Experience the strength of blue Benders

  • Bender heads available in durable ductile iron and aluminum

  • Reinforced at stress points for extra strength and longer life

Bucket of IDEAL wire pulling lubricant

Achieve a smooth pull, every time

  • Specially formulated to reduce friction during wire pulling

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive


Get Hooked.

Amanda fishing with fishtape in Naperville for content shoot that aligns with fishing video.
Amanda fishing with fishtape in Naperville for content shoot that aligns with fishing video.

When it comes to fish tape, why settle for anything less than the best? Our durable, high-quality tape is designed to make your job easier and more efficient. Reel in the right tape, expertly crafted with heavy-duty materials. Trust the experts – Think Blue.

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  • Laser-etched in 12" increments for easy measurement of conduit length
  • Made of high-grade carbon steel with a tensile strength of 1,600 lbs, perfect for long runs


  • Non-conductive and non-arcing fish tape designed for light duty use around live circuits
  • Rectilinear profile provides superior pushing power and less coil memory, with a pulling strength of 350 lbs


  • Non-conductive fish tape with a strong fiberglass core for exceptional strength and pushing power
  • Smooth nylon jacket protects fiberglass, and provides smooth surface for great handling around bends, with a pulling strength of 500 lbs.

IDEAL bender shot horizontal on black background

#1 Brand* in Hand Benders For a Reason

Bender Heads

When it comes to bending, you deserve only the best.  Reinforced for extra strength, with easy-to-see markings and a corrosion-resistant finish, our blue benders withstand a lifetime of heavy use. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, our benders have you covered. Bend with blue. Bend with the best.


*According to Electrical Distribution Vista data (2022).

wire bender with mans foot

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  • Ductile iron construction withstands a lifetime of heavy use

  • Precision marks and non-slip surface for perfect bends every time

  • Lightweight aluminum construction for easy handling
  • Baked-on blue enamel finish resists corrosion and enhances visibility 

  • Extra strong and durable materials, reinforced at stress points for longer life and capable of handling everyday use
  • Heat treated for extra strength and available in multiple sizes to fit various pipes 

  • Grooved patented foot provides stability and leverage
  • Textured tread and hand grip provides support for saddle and offset bends 

Yellow 77 wire pulling lubricant shown in IDEAL warehouse


Don’t get tangled up with subpar products. Our wire-pulling lubricant is specially formulated to cling to cable through long pulls and eliminate clogging. Ensure a smooth, successful job every time with IDEAL.

Unbeatable Pulling Power

Tough jobs require even tougher tools. Our pulling supplies are crafted with the durability and comfort you need to tackle the job with confidence. Put them to the test, they're built to handle it.


  • Highly legible footage markings for lightning-fast measurements
  • Woven polyester fiber that minimizes stretch and maximizes abrasion resistance
  • No rope burn here! Softer fibers to keep those hands ready to work


  • Ultimate durability for your pulling needs
  • Continuous-fiber polyline for smooth, tangle-free dispensing
  • Rot- and mildew-resistant for long-lasting performance, even when left in conduit for future use


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