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IVRY Technologies offers real world training in a safe, engaging, and waste-free environment. With our Virtual Electrical Training (VET) lessons, you can practice the necessary skills of the trade before starting your work on a jobsite.

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Utilize guided mode to walk you through how to complete each of the VR lessons.

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Use the self-assessment tool to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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Take your learned skills to the electrical jobsite.

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Enhance Your Trade School's Curriculum

The IVRY Technologies Virtual Electrical Training (VET) application currently offers multiple virtual lessons, with both a guided and test mode, as well as an introduction to the VR experience.



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Offer a New Training Experience


If you are interested in learning more about how your trade school can offer electrical virtual reality training, please click the button below to contact a member of our team. 

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Do you want to learn more about our product and using VR in the classroom?
Read more in one of the stories down below!
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VR For Education: How The World Already Changes Its Approach To Training

"Learners feel 40% more confident when studying using VR compared to classroom training."

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Electrical Apprentice Training Modernized Through Virtual Technology

"[VET] definitely feels real, and the great thing is you can practice this 50 times, and there's no danger."

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VR Platform To Train The Next Generation Of Electrical Trade Students

IVRY Technologies launches VR platform to train the next generation of students for electrical trade skills.

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Cutting-edge virtual reality lessons to accurately and safely train the next generation of electricians. VET is a virtual reality training program for electrical school apprentices across the United States and Canada.


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The lessons immerse apprentices into an interactive jobsite where they practice electrical installations and wiring in a safe environment. Virtual learning enhances traditional classroom teaching methods by improving student engagement and knowledge retention

Learn the basics of branch circuit wiring, virtually. In VET Series 1, apprentices will be immersed in wiring scenarios developed in collaboration with professional electricians.

Prepare students for their labs with 7 detailed conduit bending lessons. As apprentices complete their virtual nineties, offsets, and saddles, they'll learn critical skills such as accurate marking, alignment and bender orientation.  

The completed conduit run for the ARROW bend lesson in VET Series 2.

90 Stub-Up using the Arrow Method

The completed conduit run for the STAR bend lesson in VET Series 2.

90 Stub-Up using the Star Method

The completed conduit run for the back-to-back 90 bend lesson in VET Series 2.

Back to Back 90 Bends

The completed conduit run for the 3-bend back-to-back lesson in VET Series 2.

3 Bend Back to Back

The completed conduit run for the offset bend lesson in VET Series 2.

Offset Bend

The completed conduit run for the 3-bend saddle VET lesson.

3 Bend Saddle

The completed conduit run for the 4 bend saddle lesson in VET Series 2.

4 Bend Saddle


We are committed to continuously improving your learning experience. We have some exciting developments in the works to provide you with the most comprehensive resources. Stay tuned. 


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Guided Mode

Students learn the lesson objectives and the assigned electrical task. They are guided by a detailed voice over that walks them through every step of the process. The correct tools and equipment are highlighted in each step so students learn what to use to accomplish their goal.

Test Mode

Students test their knowledge by completing the assigned task on their own. They receive a percentage grade at the end of the lesson based upon their performance. Both instructors and students also receive a detailed report card in their learning management system.


Students have unlimited opportunities to learn and practice their skills in a virtual and risk-free environment.

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Virtual training is efficient, saving instructors time on learning evaluations and the setup and tear down of labs.

Students and instructors can access a performance assessment at the end of each lesson in test mode.

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Interactive virtual training enhances students' retention of concepts learned in textbooks and lectures.

Virtual training minimizes scrap, which is both environmentally friendly and helps save money.

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The lessons are developed in collaboration with training organizations and professional journeymen.

IDEAL Virtual Electrician Experience (IVEE)

Experience a day in the life of an electrician. IVEE is a free interactive virtual reality app that's perfect for anyone who wants to experience a day in the life of an electrician.


The IDEAL Virtual Electrician Experience logo.

The app gives you a hands-on look at tasks electricians encounter on the job. Using industry-leading tools by IDEAL Electrical™, you'll work to repair the wiring on a packaging machine in this immersive virtual environment.

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Do you have what it takes to be an electrician?

  1. Troubleshoot and repair the wiring on a packaging machine.
  2. Interact with industry-leading professional electrical tools from IDEAL.
  3. Receive a personalized score at the end of the experience.



Visit the IVEE download page by clicking below.

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Hit OK on the "Available through App Labs" pop-up window.


Hit the blue button labeled Get. If any other pop-ups occur, hit OK to continue.

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For those not signed into a Meta account, hit "Login with Facebook" to redirect you to the Meta account login page.


Switch over to your Meta Quest 2 or 3 VR headset and navigate to your app library.

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Select IVEE to begin app installation on your headset. Once it's finished, enjoy your electrician experience!



At this time, meetings are only open to JATC schools.

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Sam Jaros

Market Segment Manager

Aaron Rendos

Instructional Designer

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For the Next Generation


IDEAL Industries, Inc. has supported the trades for over 100 years. As a division of IDEAL Electrical, IVRY Technologies is committed to training and supplying the next generation of electricians. That’s why our immersive tools support recruitment efforts and enhance apprentices’ classroom learning. 

Together, we can encourage more people to enroll in electrical apprentice training programs and help meet North America's growing electrical needs.


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Electricians in the US


Electricians Needed by 2031

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Job Openings Per Year

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Average Electrician Salary

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics