No one supports, understands and equips the electrician quite like IDEAL. In every product we make, and in everything we do, we are The Electrician's Champion™


As an electrician, you know that the rest of the world relies on your work. And you need a partner who understands what you have to deliver. From cut to test, IDEAL® Electrical is the only brand that touches every part of the process. We get it.


We’ve been committed to craft and its craftsmen for more than 100 years. Whether you’re the electrical contractor or datacomm technician, production engineer or plant manager, we know the job the way you know the job. So we build the tools you need to get it done.


More than 6,000 tools and supplies make up the IDEAL family of products. And we make sure each one earns its place in the tool bags of the professionals who power our world.

"An IDEAL product will provide a value greater than the price paid for it. Service is a part of the product."
— IDEAL Founder, J. Walter Becker, on the company’s mission



IDEAL Electrical is part of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., a family-owned, professionally run company with a 100-year history of building relationships, providing top customer service and setting industry standards in the process.


J. Walter Becker’s founding principle of providing superior customer service remains the guiding force behind our partnerships with the world's leading distributors, a state of the art delivery system around the world, outstanding customer and technical support and variety of operational benefits designed to save you time and money.  


We're proud of the way we do business, and always have been. The work we do through IDEAL Electrical is just one more way we are building an IDEAL world.


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