When it comes to low-voltage and data-communications, IDEAL is leading the way. We offer a full line of tools and testers, plus training and expert customer support. Highlighting our lineup is the FT-45 Crimping Tool and modular plugs which provide a simple and amazing accurate connection every time.

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  1. SKU L-5620
    Stripmaster® - Frame Only, No Blades
  2. SKU 45-262
    Coax Stripmaster® RG-6 Wire Stripper
  3. SKU 45-265
    Coax Stripmaster® RG-59 Wire Stripper
  4. SKU 45-520
    Adjustable 3 Blade Coax Stripper
  5. SKU 45-526
    Adjustable 2 Blade Coax Stripper
  6. SKU LB-1748
    Replacement Blade for 45-144
  7. SKU 45-144
    Round Cable Slitting & Ringing Tool
  8. SKU 45-162
    Gray Adjustable Blade Ringer™ Strippers
  9. SKU 45-163
    Blue Adjustable Blade Ringer™ Strippers
  10. SKU 45-164
    Big Blue Adjustable Blade Ringer™ Strippers
  11. SKU 45-165
    Black Adjustable Blade Ringer™ Strippers
  12. SKU 45-605
    PrepPRO® Coax/UTP Cable Stripper
  13. SKU 45-6052
    PrepPRO® Replacement UTP/Blue Cable Cartridge
  14. SKU L-9225
    Replacement Blade
  15. SKU L-9226
    Replacement Blade
  16. SKU 45-6051
    PrepPRO® Replacement Coax/Gray Cable Cartridge
  17. SKU 45-524
    Replacement Blade for 45-526
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17 Items

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