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We’ve been helping electricians safely verify and analyze electrical systems since 1928. Our testers are highly accurate and respected across the world. From our innovative circuit tracers to reliable voltage testers to clamp meters, IDEAL has the tools to help you get the job done safely and efficiently. 

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  1. SKU 61-501
    120V AC Receptacle Tester w/GFCI
  2. SKU 61-657
    Dual Range 12-1000V AC NCVT w/Flashlight
  3. SKU 61-647
    Single Range 50-1000V AC NCVT w/Flashlight
  4. SKU 61-637
    Single Range 24-600V AC NCVT w/Flashlight
  5. SKU 61-627
    Single Range 50-600V AC NCVT
  6. SKU 61-827
    Single Laser Targeting Infrared Thermometer
  7. SKU 61-847
    Dual Laser Targeting Infrared Thermometer
  8. SKU 61-520
    3-Phase Sequence Tester
  9. SKU 61-521
    3-Phase/Motor Rotation Tester
  10. SKU TL-521
    Test Leads for 61-521
  11. SKU 61-795
    Insulation Tester, 250/500/1000V
  12. SKU TL-795
    Test Lead Set for 61-795
  13. SKU 61-797
    Insulation Tester
  14. SKU TL-797RP
    Remote Probe
  15. SKU 61-796
    Earth Ground Tester, 3-Pole
  16. SKU TL-796
    Earth Ground Test Lead Kit
  17. SKU 61-920
    Ground Resistance Clamp Meter
  18. SKU C-700
    Carrying Case
  19. SKU TL-757
    Universal Test Leads & Alligator Clips
  20. SKU F-340
    Fuse, 500MA/500V (6.35 x 32mm)
  21. SKU F-341
    Fuse, 10A/600V (10 x 38MM)
  22. SKU F-497
    Fuse, 440mA/1000V
  23. SKU F-105
    Fuse, 1A/600V (10.3 X 35mm)
  24. SKU F-797
    Fuse, 315MA/1000V (32MM x 5MM)
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Items 49-72 of 98

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