IDEAL has a wire connector that’s right for every job. We created our first twist-on wire connector in 1924 and have sold billions since. Our complete line includes Twist-On Wire Connectors, Push-In Wire ConnectorsGrounding Wire Connectors, and Datacomm Wire Connectors, among others. The IDEAL line of electrical wire connectors is built to provide safe, dependable solutions for every application. Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial; we have the connector that’s right for every job.  

IDEAL Wire Connectors are built for performance and reliability. View our Wire Connector catalog here.

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  1. SKU 89-760BU
    CAT6 250MHz 8P8C Keystone Jack-Blue
  2. SKU 85-379
    CAT5e RJ-45 and Strain Relief Boots -15 pk
  3. SKU 85-366
    CAT6 RJ-45 8P8C Modular Plugs -25 pk
  4. SKU 85-380
    RJ-45 Snagless Strain Relief Boots -25 pk
  5. SKU 85-345
    RJ-11(RJ-12) 6P6C Modular Plugs -25 pk
  6. SKU 85-344
    RJ-11 6P4C Modular Plugs -25 pk
  7. SKU 85-372
    CAT5e Feed-Thru Modular Plugs -100 pk
  8. SKU 85-377
    CAT6 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs -100 pk
  9. SKU 89-570
    RG-59 RCA RTQ™ Compression Connector -35 pk
  10. RG-59 InSITE BNC Compression Connectors
  11. 3GHz F-Type Female-to-Female Coax Splice Adapter
  12. 3GHz, 75Ohm BNC Female-to-Female Splice Adapter
  13. InSITE RTQ RG-6 BNC Compression Connector
  14. RTQ RG-59 F Compression Connector
  15. RG-59 F Twist-on Connector
  16. RTQ XR RG-6 F Compression Connector
  17. TLC RG-6 Quad F Tool-less Compression Connector
  18. TLC RG-6 F Tool-less Compression Connector
  19. OmniConn RG-6 F Compression Connector
  20. OmniConn RG-6 Quad F Compression Connector
  21. RG-6 F Hex Crimp Connector
  22. RG-6 F Twist-on Connector
  23. IDC 3-Wire UR Red Butt Splice Jellybean Connectors
  24. CAT5e 100MHz 8P8C Keystone Jack
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Items 49-72 of 427

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