InSITE™ RTQ™ BNC Compression Connectors


Features InSITE 360 degree clear window to verify cable is fully inserted before the connector is compressed.

• Connector Model: 6BNCISRTQ
• Accepts RG-6/RG-6 Quad/RG-6 Plenum/RG-6 Plenum Quad coax cables
• Center conductor range: 23-18 AWG Solid (.023” - .040”)
• Dielectric diameter range: .168” - .183”
• Outer jacket diameter range: .226” - .305”
• Recommended cable prep/stripping tools: 45-605 PrepPRO™
• Recommended compression tools: 30-793 OmniSeal™ PRO XL; 33-632 Linear X®3

Installing one-piece compression BNC and right angle connectors just got easier. No more uncertainty when inserting the cable into the connector. No more collapsed center pins. No more wasted connectors and rework time on the job.

With the patented InSITE™ Technology feature, now standard on all IDEAL BNC and right angle (90°) compression connectors, field termination of these blind entry connectors is simpler, faster and now provides a higher performance connection for all applications from CCTV to HD Video.

The InSITE window is a 360° clear window which allows the installer to verify that the prepped cable has been inserted far enough into the connector to make contact with the fixed pin-before the connector is compressed.  

All IDEAL compression connectors require a ¼” x ¼” industry standard coax preparation.  The prepped cable is then inserted into the connector until the folded braiding is visible within the InSITE window. No measuring, no jacket marking, no guesswork – a confident connection every time.  

In addition to the InSITE feature, other improvements have been made to our BNC connectors:
• Increased ranges of compatible cable jacket diameters – works with more cable types and cable manufacturers
• RTQ™ design allows Regular/Tri/Quad shield cables to work in many BNC connectors
• Lower cable insertion force – easier to push the connector on to the cable
• A redesigned funneled pin entry - centers angled pins, reduces pin collapsing
• Accepts 23-18 AWG solid center conductor pins – wider range than the competition
• Smoother and easier mating with sockets through increased BNC head travel range
• Better return loss performance: >35dB up to 1 GHz, >25dB up to 2 GHz, >20dB up to 3 GHz
• Fixed position, gold plated center pin won’t come loose or separate from the connector
• Nickel plated brass bodies with color band series identification
• Designed for optimal performance on 75Ω coaxial cables
• Frequency range: 0 MHz to 3 GHz
• >40 pounds cable retention on all models

More Information
Maximum Center Conductor 0.040"
Maximum Dielectric Diameter 0.183"
Maximum Jacket Diameter 0.305"
Minimum Center Conductor 0.023"
Minimum Dielectric Diameter 0.168"
Minimum Jacket Diameter 0.226"
Minimum Solid Wire Size 23 AWG
Positions/Contacts 8P8C
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