Compare IDEAL digital multimeters to find the best meter for your needs.

What is a multimeter? Multimeters are electrical testers that are used to measure AC and DC current (amps), voltage (volts), frequency, resistance (ohms), continuity, capacitance, and more.

IDEAL multi meters are designed for professional electricians and tradespeople and are known for providing consistent, reliable performance and accurate test results. Our CAT III and CAT IV models include premium features such as bright backlit displays, drop protection, built-in NCVT, fuse notifications and lead warnings.

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  1. SKU 61-357
    Multimeter 1000V Auto Range LoZ
  2. SKU 61-347
    Multimeter 1000V Auto Range
  3. SKU 61-337
    Multimeter 600V Auto Range
  4. SKU 61-327
    Multimeter 600V Manual Range
  5. SKU UMHS-757
    Universal Magnetic Hanging Strap
  6. SKU TLF-014
    Fused Test Leads Kit CAT IV
  7. SKU TL-757
    Universal Test Leads & Alligator Clips
  8. SKU F-341
    Replacement Fuse 10A/1000V
  9. SKU F-340
    Replacement Fuse 500mA/500V

9 Items

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