When it comes to low-voltage and data-communications, IDEAL is leading the way. We offer a full line of data connectors, tools and testers, including our flagship Feed-Thru RJ45 line, designed to make installation of modular plugs on CAT6, CAT6a, and CAT5e fast and easy.

With IDEAL, expect a reliable, consistent connection every time.


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  1. SKU 85-073
    F Terminator -4 pk
  2. SKU 92-693
    InSITE™ RG-59 90° BNC Compression Connector -5 pk
  3. SKU 92-212
    InSITE™ RG-11 Plenum F Compression Connector -10 pk
  4. SKU 89-741WH
    1 Port Keystone Faceplate-White
  5. SKU 85-379
    CAT5e RJ-45 and Strain Relief Boots -15 pk
  6. SKU 85-366
    CAT6 RJ-45 8P8C Modular Plugs -25 pk
  7. SKU 92-572
    RG-59 RCA RTQ™ Compression Connector -4 pk
  8. InSITE RTQ RG-6 BNC Compression Connector
  9. TLC RG-6 Quad F Tool-less Compression Connector
  10. TLC RG-6 F Tool-less Compression Connector
  11. OmniConn RG-6 F Compression Connector
  12. CAT 5e Feed-Thru Connectors
  13. RG-6 RCA RTQ Compression Connector
  14. SKU 92-817P
    3GHz, 75Ω© BNC Female-to-Female Splice Adapter -10 pk
  15. SKU 85-937
    RCA-Female to RCA-Female Splice Adapter -2 pk
  16. SKU 85-356
    CAT6 Inline RJ-45 Coupler-White
  17. SKU 89-049
    InSITE™ RG-59 Plenum BNC Compression Connector -15 pk
  18. SKU 89-040
    NJX™ RG-6 Indoor F Compression Connector -10 pk
  19. SKU 89-742WH
    2 Port Keystone Faceplate-White
  20. SKU 85-380
    RJ-45 Snagless Strain Relief Boots -25 pk
  21. SKU 85-345
    RJ-11(RJ-12) 6P6C Modular Plugs -25 pk
  22. RTQ RG-59 F Compression Connector
  23. RG-59 F Twist-on Connector
  24. RG-6 F Hex Crimp Connector
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Items 1-24 of 114

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