Fused Test Leads Kit CAT IV


1000V CAT IV Fused Test Leads Kit

  • Unique finger-guard protects against accidental high voltage contact
  • All-weather, double-skin silicone insulation with bi-coloured Wear-Guard Damage Control Indicator - a white layer below the red / black layer provides visual indication if cable becomes damaged
  • EZ-Off caps over probe tips
  • Molded, tug-resistant right-angle plugs (4mm) with strain reliefs fit standard meters

Kit Includes:

  • Red and black assembly with fused probes and right-angle plugs
    NRTL approved
    SEW 52F-L2-4-0.5A4
    Conforms to ANSI/UL STD. 61010-031
    Certified to CAN/CSA STD. C22.2 No. 61010-031
  • 2 X 1000V ceramic fuses
  • Screw-on crocodile clips
  • Screw-on probe tips


  • 1.1 m length cable
  • UL / CSA IEC 61010 CAT IV -1000V Approved
  • Silicone insulation rated to 10kV DC
  • Fuse rating: 500mA/1000V/50kA
  • Temperature rating: -10°C to +150°C
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