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IDEAL tools are manufactured using the best quality materials for unmatched durability. Designed to meet the real world needs of professional tradespeople, our hand tools offer accuracy as well as ergonomics for all day performance.

Explore our line of precision strippers, pliers, screwdrivers, crimpers, cutting tools, and insulated tool kits and see why IDEAL is known as the Electrician's Champion.

Close up of an electrician using a set of IDEAL wire strippers to remove the insulation from a copper building wire. The person's hands are wearing grey and black gloves.
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  1. SKU 45-222
    Reflex™ Super T®-Stripper Dual NM Stainless Steel Wire Strippers
  2. SKU 45-248
    T®-Stripper Wire Strippers NM Cable 14/2
  3. SKU 45-621
    Reflex™ Super T®-Stripper Wire Strippers 12/2 and 14/2 NM
  4. SKU 45-112
    Forged Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper Dual NM

4 Items

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