IDEAL makes a full range of the top quality electrical supply products that you need on your job site. From everyday essentials like electrical tape, multi-cable staples, wire labels, and nonmetallic knockout connectors to speciality supplies including touch-up paint for electrical panels, anti-oxidant for aluminium connections, or switch and contact cleaner, we have you covered.

Try IDEAL brand supplies, and find out why we are considered the best choice for professional electricians and tradespeople.

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  1. Buchanan 1/2" Plastic Insulated Staples
  2. Outlet Spacer Shims Catepillar Design
  3. Powr-Fish® Pull Line 210 lb
  4. Noalox® Anti-Oxidant
  5. Duct Seal
  6. SKU 46-956
    Heat Gun Accessory Pressure Roller
  7. SKU 46-955
    Heat Gun Accessory Overlap Adapter
  8. SKU 46-954
    Heat Gun Accessory Wide-Slot Adapter
  9. SKU 46-953
    Heat Gun Accessory Solder Reflector Adapter
  10. SKU 46-952
    Heat Gun Accessory Welding Adapter
  11. SKU 46-950
    Heat Gun Accessory Reduction Adapter
  12. SKU 46-941
    Heat Gun Accessory Small Deflector
  13. SKU 46-204
    Heat Elite Plus LCD Heat Gun Kit
  14. SKU 46-203
    HEAT ELITE PRO™ Heat Gun Kit
  15. SKU 46-202
    Heat Elite Heat Gun Kit
  16. SKU 46-007
    Thermo-Shrink® Heat Shrink Kit w/HEAT ELITE PRO™
  17. SKU 774136
    3/4” Grommets
  18. SKU 774113
    1/2” Grommets
  19. SKU 772271
    Universal Stud Bushings
  20. SKU 774056
    Rocker Switch Red Light DPST On-Off Spade
  21. SKU 774040BK
    Rocker Switch DPDT On-Off-On Spade
  22. SKU 774037
    Pull Chain Switch 3-Speed SPTT Brass Off-On(A)-On(B)-On(A+B)
  23. SKU 774035
    Pull Chain Lever Switch All Angle SPST On-Off Wire Leads
  24. SKU 774026K
    Door Switch Kit White SPST Normally On-(Off) Wire Leads
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Items 73-96 of 289

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