IDEAL makes a full range of the top quality electrical supply products that you need on your job site. From everyday essentials like electrical tape, multi-cable staples, wire labels, and nonmetallic knockout connectors to speciality supplies including touch-up paint for electrical panels, anti-oxidant for aluminium connections, or switch and contact cleaner, we have you covered.

Try IDEAL brand supplies, and find out why we are considered the best choice for professional electricians and tradespeople.

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  1. Vinyl Insulated Ring Terminal 22-18 AWG
  2. Non-Insulated Ring Terminal 12-10 AWG
  3. Non-Insulated Ring Terminal 16-14 AWG
  4. SKU 46-1700
    Wire Armour™ General Purpose Electrical Tape
  5. Wire Armour™ General Purpose Colour Coding Tape
  6. Wire Armour™ Premium Grade Colour Coding Tape
  7. Vinyl Insulated Female Disconnect 16-14 AWG
  8. Vinyl Insulated Ring Terminal 12-10 AWG
  9. Vinyl Insulated Ring Terminal 16-14 AWG
  10. SKU 46-PRO
    Wire Armour™ Contractor Pro Electrical Tape Black
  11. SKU 46-88
    Wire Armour™ Heavy Duty 8.5mil Electrical Tape
  12. SKU 46-33
    Wire Armour™ Premium Grade Electrical Tape
  13. Vinyl Insulated Butt Splice Yellow 12-10 AWG
  14. Vinyl Insulated Butt Splice Blue 16-14 AWG
  15. Vinyl Insulated Butt Splice Red 22-18 AWG
  16. Vinyl Insulated Female Disconnect 12-10 AWG
  17. Vinyl Insulated Spade Terminal 12-10 AWG
  18. Vinyl Insulated Spade Terminal 16-14 AWG
  19. Vinyl Insulated Spade Terminal 22-18 AWG
  20. SKU 83-3271
    Tap Splice Blue 16-14 AWG
  21. SKU 83-3281
    Tap Splice Yellow 12-10 AWG
  22. SKU 83-9591
    Vinyl Insulated Female Disconnect 14-12 AWG .250" Tab
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