Can Twist Barrel Rewards Program

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Buy a barrel of Can-Twist™ Wire Connectors (or 4x stubbies), get your choice of any of these rewards!

To get your reward:
1. Purchase a barrel of Can-Twist from any electrical distributor in Canada. Visit our Where to Buy section for a list of distributors near you.

2. Complete the redemption form below to claim your reward. 


Learn more about Can-Twist.


For more information contact your local rep or call IDEAL customer service at 1-800-824-3325.

See complete terms and conditions here

For Canadian customers only. 



Backpack for storing and carrying tools with lots of compartments


Pro Series™ Single Compartment Backpack

Trade Value: $156



8-Piece Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

Trade Value: $130


IDEAL 1000V Auto Range TRMS 6000 Count Display Multimeter w/NCVT, & Temp. Application shot showing the multimeter testing electrical wires using its built-in non-contact voltage tester function.


Multimeter 1000V Auto Range TRMS

Trade Value: $106




Two 120' Fish Tapes (31-056 X2)
Trade Value: $175




VDV Wiremapper & Tester (33-856)
Trade Value: $173




Can-Twist Machine - While Supplies Last! 
(does not include wire connectors)


Images of the Feed Thru Hip Kit


Feed-Thru RJ-45 3-Piece Hip Kit

Trade Value: $135



3-Piece Quick Change Step Drill Bit Kit (35-524)
Trade Value: $158




TKO™ 4-Piece Hole Cutter Kit (36-311)
Trade Value: $187




2000 Can-Twist Wire Connectors (30-707J X2)
Trade Value: $215

Bag for storing and carrying tools with a large opening and lots of pockets


Pro Series™ 18" Large Mouth Bag

Trade Value: $110



LinkMaster™ RJ-45 Wiremapper 

Trade Value: $136



Pro Series™ Molded Bottom Premium Tool Carrier

Trade Value: $127




Clamp-Pro™ 600 AAC Clamp Meter (61-744)
Trade Value: $155




LinearX® 3-Piece Compression Tool Hip Kit

Trade Value: $98