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Apprentice Safe Isolation Kit

According to the latest statistics from Electrical Safety First, there are 379 injuries/fatalities per year in England from electrical distribution. Despite this, only one in five electricians carries a safe isolation lock out/tag out kit to ensure that the isolated distribution network is not accidentally switched to live while they are still working

While there is HSE guidance in place to drive safe isolation best practice, there is no mandatory requirement to lock out an isolation to prevent accidents from contact with a supply that has inadvertently been switched back to live. IDEAL EMEA believes that locking out and tagging isolations should become standard safety practice and has highlighted the potential for the next generation of electrical professionals to drive this change.

In order to address this major safety issue and make it easier for electrical trainees and apprentices to ensure safe isolations are part of their everyday working practice from the very start of their career, IDEAL EMEA has launched the Apprentice Safe Isolation Kit – 44-986.

The kit includes:

  • 1 x Vol-Con® Elite (61-090EU with GS38 compliant test leads – TL-102EU
  • 1 Medium Circuit Breaker Lockout Kit - KB-0375
  • 1 x Safety Padlock - K-8334
  • 1 Universal MCB Lockout Device Metal - KB-0234
  • 1 x Marking Pen - K-7566
  • 5 x “DO NOT OPERATE” Lockout Tags - 44-5833EU
  • 1 x Pouch - IA-3240


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