Contractor PRO Lockout/Tagout Kit


Importance of Safe Isolation

Unintentional energisation of circuits, machinery and equipment is a leading cause of death and injury among electrical contractors in the UK. To minimise this type of accident regulations such as the "Provision and Use of Work Equipment 1998, Section 19 Energy" and the "Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, Regulation 13" require companies to have effective isolation policies in place.

Most accidents can be avoided by installing simple lockout / tagout devices prior to any electrical work being carried out.

  • Aimed at the fully approved contractor working on industrial, commercial and domestic installations
  • Contains a broad range of devices allowing installers to provide safe isolation by locking off virtually all breakers on the market today
  • Includes full range of MCB lockout devices including pins-in, pins-out, pins-out wide, tie-bar and various universal MCB lockout devices
  • Supplied in a handy zipped pouch to help keep the kit close to hand and easily accessible
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