IDEAL is a leader in personal safety for professional electricians. All of our Safety, Health and Environmental products comply with ASTM requirements and OSHA regulations. From our 1,000 volt insulated tools to clamp meters, we continuously work on methods and equipment that provide the maximum in performance to assure your safety and health while delivering better environment solutions that leave a smaller footprint.

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  1. SKU 44-003
    Basic Safety Kit
  2. SKU 44-002
    7-Piece Safety Kit
  3. SKU 44-001
    Starter Safety Kit
  4. SKU 44-979
    Job Site Lockout/Tagout Kit
  5. SKU 44-970
    Basic Lockout/Tagout Kit
  6. SKU 44-971
    Standard Lockout/Tagout Kit
  7. SKU 44-972
    Plant Facility Lockout/Tagout Kit
  8. SKU 44-974
    Industrial Lockout/Tagout Kit
  9. SKU 44-975
    Industrial Lockout/Tagout Station
  10. SKU 35-9101
    Standard Insulated Tool Kit w/Case
  11. SKU 35-9100
    Basic Insulated Tool Kit
  12. SKU 35-9102
    Journeyman Insulated Tool Kit
  13. SKU 35-9108
    9-Piece Insulated Tool Kit w/Case
  14. SKU IA-3240
    Lockout, Soft Zipper Pouch
  15. SKU IA-3241
    Lockout Tool Box
  16. SKU IA-4989
    Industrial Lockout/Tagout Station, Cabinet Only
  17. SKU 44-778
    Four-Lock Station, w/4 Locks, 12 Tags, 2 Hasps
  18. SKU 44-804
    Group Lock Box
  19. SKU 44-806
    Ten-Lock Station, w/10 Locks, 24 Tags, 2 Hasps
  20. SKU 44-973
    Starter Lockout/Tagout Kit
  21. SKU 44-990
    Python™ Cable Lock Kit, Keyed Differently
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21 Items

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