Sir Nickless™ Armored Cable Cutter

Sir Nickless™ Armored Cable Cutter
27 % of 100
  • Handles all common BX, MCAP®, MC and Flex cables
  • Blade cuts armor without damage to internal conductors
  • Splices cleanly through casings with only a few turns
  • Handle knob stores up to six replacement blades

The Sir Nickless™ protects armored cable wires by drawing the wires down, creating airspace above the wires and providing room for the cutter blade to shear through and sever the armored casing without nicking the wires within. The Sir Nickless™ is unique in that it has a curved design that allows the wires to draw down providing room for the cutting blade. The cable Cutter works well on all popular types of armored cable up to 3/8 inch diameter.

MCAP® is a registered trademark of Southwire Company.

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