Twister® Al/Cu Wire Connector, Model 65, Purple


The Twister® Al/Cu Wire Connector is specifically designed to provide a secure connection while preventing aluminum corrosion. Pre-filled antioxidant compound prevents oxidation of aluminum conductors.

80 % of 100
  • Swept wings and hexagonal head for easy installation by hand or with standard nut driver
  • Live-action, square-wire spring expands and contracts with aluminum wire
  • Complies with N.E.C. Section #110-14(b) for aluminum-to-copper connections; UL Listed to 486C and CSA Certified to C22.2 #188

The only twist-on for aluminum-to-copper connections.

The Twister® AL/CU Wire Connector is the only UL Listed aluminum-to-copper twist-on connector that prevents aluminum oxidation while providing a secure connection. Filled with an anti-oxidant compound, the Twister® AL/CU easily twists on with swept-wings making a comfortable connection with improved conductivity and cooler connections.

The live-action spring expands and contracts with aluminum wire to ensure a secure connection while the hexagonal head makes for quick and easy installation by hand or with a standard nut driver.

The Twister® AL/CU is the only twist-on wire connector to be UL Listed and CSA Certified for aluminum-to-copper connections, as well as the only twist-on solution to comply with the National Electric Code Section #110-14(b).

Twister® AL/CU Wire Connectors are designed as a one-use only connection.

For use only on copper-to-copper or aluminum-to-copper connections. Do not use on aluminum-to-aluminum connections.


Use only on Aluminum to Copper (Al/Cu) or Copper to Copper (Cu/Cu) wire combinations. When using with Al/Cu (intermixed – dry locations) combinations with Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) conductors, the aluminum conductor can be replaced with the Copper Clad Aluminum substituted in the combinations listed above. One time use only. Do not reuse connector. 

More Information
Color Purple
Maximum Rated Voltage 600V
Maximum Temperature (C) 105°C
Maximum Wire Gauge 10 AWG
Minimum Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Termination Method Twist-On
Twist-On Type Wing
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