B-CAP® Wire Connector, Model B2 Red


B-CAP® Wire Connector, Model B2 Red

  • Low profile design gets you into tight spaces and hard-to-reach spots comfortably
  • Slim, classic fins offer a secure grip for extra leverage and easy installation
  • Live-action spring of the Red B2 easily handles 2 #18 up to 5 #12, and will even dead-end a single #14
  • Red B2 model is the most compact connector on the market for up to 5 #12
  • Unique, space-saving profile is perfect for "old" work or shallow boxes

Low profile to get you into tight spaces.

The B-CAP® Wire Connector gets you in those hard-to reach spots comfortably, especially when you’re retrofitting or updating. Slim, classic fins and an expanding interior spring give the B-CAP® a secure grip with extra leverage, making it the most compact connector on the market for up to 5 #12 (Red Model B2).

The unique, space-saving profile of the B-CAP® makes it perfect for retrofit work and shallow boxes.

The B-CAP® also features a tough, flame-retardant shell that withstands environmental extremes with a deep skirt that provides maximum dielectric protection to prevent flash-over and turned-back strands. Additionally, the B-CAP® can be removed for repeat usage on the same size or larger wire combinations.

Three color-coded models handle from #20 gauge wire to #6 gauge wire.

More Information
Color Red
Maximum Rated Voltage 600V
Maximum Temperature 105°C
Maximum Wire Gauge 8 AWG
Minimum Wire Gauge 22 AWG
Termination Method Twist-On
Twist-On Type Wing
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