Every aspect of the aerospace industry requires precision and accuracy. That includes wire processing. We’ve developed a wide range of products—from wire strippers with tight tolerances to cable cutting that meet the needs of this demanding industry.

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  2. SKU 45-600
    Pneumatic Wire Stripper with Custom Stripmaster® blades
  3. SKU 45-2530
    Pow-R-Master®II Pneumatic Wire Stripper with Stripmaster® blades
  4. Short Stop Latch for Custom Stripmaster® and Custom Stripmaster® Lite
  5. Transparent Adjustable Wire Stop
  6. Ringer™ Wire Stop
  7. SKU 45-333
    Ideal Gripper™ Slug Remover
  8. SKU 45-353
    V-Notch Cutter for small gauge precision wire cutting
  9. SKU 45-260
    T®-Cutter Lite With Cushioned Handles
  10. SKU 45-950
    Precision Wire Stripper Strips 30 thru 10 AWG
  11. SKU LB-4617
    Ergo-Elite Stripmaster Frame Only
  12. SKU LB-4618
    Ergo-Elite Stripmaster Frame W/Grit Pd
  13. SKU LB-4619
    Ergo-Elite Stripmaster Frame W/Parl Pd
  14. SKU LB-895
    Custom Stripmaster® Lite, Frame Only
  15. Custom Stripmaster® Replacement Frame
  16. Custom Steel Stripmaster® Replacement Frame
  17. SKU 45-950-1
    Precision Wire Stripper 30-10 AWG W/Common Strip Length
  18. SKU 45-954
    45-950 W/Permanent Gripper Assembly 10-30 AWG
  19. SKU 45-950-4
    Permanent Gripper Assy For The 45-950, 45-9501
  20. SKU L-5270
    Wire Stop, Custom Stripmaster®
  21. SKU 45-906
    Air Regulator Kit For 45-930, 45-950 Series
  22. SKU LB-1195
    Wire-Stop For Custom Stripmaster® Lite
  23. SKU 45-2327
    45-403 Ringer Special For Window Stripping
  24. SKU LB-1188
    Custom Stripmaster® Lite, Gripper Set, Grit Type

Items 1-24 of 29

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