To Twist or Not to Twist


For nearly a century, twist-on connectors aka Wire-Nuts® have been a staple in electrician’s bags. Their form factor has remained much the same throughout the years. Only top manufacturers pursue innovation through materials and design elements. For example, the IDEAL Twister® PRO series extended the skirt to protect exposed conductors and has an expanding square spring to ensure positive mechanical engagement. 


However, there are certain use cases in which twist-on connectors aren’t the best option. For many projects, a push-in connector makes connections simpler and quicker while retaining the same level of safety and reliability. 

In-Sure® Great Connectivity


With 2-, 3-, and 4-port options, the IDEAL In-Sure® line offers a flexible and effective solution for joining both solid and stranded copper wires quickly and securely via a no-twist, push-in design. They’re user-friendly, intuitive, and eliminate the need for repetitive high-torque twisting, preventing unnecessary fatigue on the job site. 


You’ll definitely find a place in your bag for both SpliceLine® and In-Sure push-in connectors. In addition to their ease-of-use, they offer a variety of features:

  1. Ergonomic grip
    Makes the connectors easy to grab and manipulate, even in tight or dark spaces.
  2. Color coding
    Grab the correct connector for the job at hand with ease with just a glance.
  3. Low insertion force
    Simply push in the conductor after stripping. When seated properly, these push-in connectors require minimal force to apply, yet still maintain impressive physical secureness in all your installs.
  4. Re-usable on solid wire
    If a connection isn’t made properly the first time, it's easy to pull out the conductor, re-strip, and seat again—unlike twist-ons.
  5. Professional results
    Electricians and contractors want their installs to not only be reliable, but to look professional. Push-in connectors help ensure clean, effective installs every time.

Confident Installs, Every Time


The In-Sure® connector design helps electricians do their jobs with less effort and more confidence. You can verify their transparent polycarbonate shell, making inspection of the physical connection easy. They also include a dedicated test port to confirm continuity, so they’re a great option for both apprentices and seasoned electricians who check their work. With seven different options from 2- to 8-port connectors, they can be used in the simplest or most complex installs. The 2-, 3-, and 4-port connectors easily fit through 1/2” knockouts on electrical boxes. Since they’re color-coded, they are easy to grab the correct connector option at-a-glance from a tool bag.


There are times when push-in connectors really shine:

  1. In tight spaces
    In compact electrical boxes, it may be difficult to use twist-ons. The installation simplicity of a push-in connector solves this problem since they require much less space to maneuver. Simply push and connect, no twisting.
  2. Limited conductor lengths
    In retrofits and remodels, conductor lengths often become an issue. With push-on options like SpliceLine, wires can be connected and even extended with ease. In-Sure connectors also require less conductor length to be attached. Push-ins can reduce errors in connections, further preventing conductor shortening.
  3. When expansion and serviceability is a priority
    Instead of having to cut off a wire connector every time you want to add to a circuit, using a push-in connector with multiple ports allow electricians to service and add to already-existing infrastructure quickly and easily.
  4. To simplify troubleshooting
    It’s challenging to test continuity with twist-on connections, especially when multiple conductors are connected within the housing. Both In-Sure and SpliceLine connectors include a testing port for your meter, in addition to transparent housings to confirm physical connection and proper strip lengths.
  5. Priority on ergonomics and time-savings
    A career as an electrician is physically demanding. Much of the time spent working is on your feet, working with your hands, sometimes doing repetitive tasks. Making these tasks as easy and effortless as possible becomes critical to both saving time and energy on-the-job.


If you choose to use push-ins, rest assured that they are rated to the same stringent standard of the IDEAL® Twister® PRO line – with UL, CE, and IEC certifications, as well as RoHS compliance. They are rated to 600V and 105°C, 1000V in signage, good for most residential or commercial electrical installs. 


Choose the IDEAL® push-in line to handle the toughest jobs and achieve professional results. With countless options on the market, turn to the Electrician’s Champion® for your connection needs.