November 20, 2020


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A special IDEAL National Championship Invitational will air on ESPN2 on Sunday, Nov.22, 2020, at 4 p.m. EST. The competition brings together some of the top professionals, students, and apprentices across the United States to showcase the abilities of electrical professionals as they compete for a golden ticket to the 2021 national championship in Nashville, and the chance to compete for cash, prizes, and the recognition as one of the best electricians in the world.


In past years, the competition encompassed more than 1,000 qualifying rounds with more than 60,000 contestants. The 2020 championship was forced to be re-imagined due to COVID-19 with a modified special event held in Chicago earlier this year that will culminate in a televised invitational this coming Sunday on ESPN2. Chip Wade, contractor on HGTV's Curb Appeal, serves as the host alongside ESPN commentator Jason Benetti and industry expert Scott Caron, former master electrician on This Old House. Together, they will lead participants through various challenges that demonstrate both problem-solving and physical skills across key categories: workmanship, safety, efficiency, and teamwork.


The 2020 IDEAL National Championship Invitational assembled six of the nation's top professional and student apprentice electricians for this special, televised invitational. The participants will be paired up into three teams and will compete in four challenges, including a conduit door trace and cut, overhead service challenge, rough-in remodel and a wiring door code challenge.


The winning team will bypass the usual rigorous qualification process and earn a free, golden ticket to the IDEAL 2021 National Championship in Nashville and a chance to win their share of over $600,000 in prize money, tools, gear and clothing.


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