Celebrate Made in the USA Day with IDEAL Electrical

July 2 is Made in the USA Day. Support the domestic economy by purchasing products that are made right here in America.


Sycamore, Ill. – IDEAL® Electrical, a leading manufacturer of electrical tools and supplies, proudly joins the nationwide celebration of “Made in USA Day” by highlighting its American manufacturing. As an industry leader, IDEAL Electrical has long been recognized for its high-quality products and innovative solutions. This annual observance, taking place on July 2nd, provides an opportunity for IDEAL Electrical to reaffirm its commitment to supporting local communities, creating jobs, and ensuring the utmost craftsmanship in its American-made offerings.

If you’re looking to support the American economy in this patriotic season of the year, look no further than IDEAL Electrical. As The Electrician's Champion™, IDEAL has manufactured products and technologies for professional electricians for nearly 100 years from its headquarters in Sycamore, Illinois. IDEAL is proud to be a stable provider of opportunity for the local community.


Here are some popular products that are made in the Sycamore manufacturing facility. If you’re in need of some new electrical products, purchasing these will help support the local economy, provide job opportunities and be a way to show off your national pride and patriotism.

IDEAL Wire Connectors That are Made in the USA

Chairman of the Board Meghan Juday chats with a Sycamore, IL employee as she packages In-Sure wire connectors.

Twister® ProFLEX™ Wire Connector Family: These are the newest line of twist-on wire connectors offered by IDEAL Electrical and offer the widest wire range in the industry. We are proud to manufacture them in Sycamore.

In-Sure® Push-In Wire Connectors: The 2-, 3- and 4-port models of our In-Sure push-in line are manufactured in Sycamore as well. The In-Sure Push-In Wire Connector is perfect for residential, light commercial, lighting retrofit, and pre-fab wiring systems, or any other branch circuit wiring application where a traditional twist-on wire connector would be used. Simply push the wire in – the low insertion force makes it easy.


Wire-Nut® Wire Connectors: The connector that started it all, an American classic the IDEAL Wire-Nut® Wire Connector set new standards for innovation, quality and convenience when it was first introduced in 1928. As the first screw-on wire connector in America, it literally set the industry standard for years to come. It’s still manufactured in Sycamore, where it has been since 1928.


Wing-Nut® Wire Connectors: The Wing-Nut Wire Connector provides an easy, secure grip when connecting a wide range of wires. The specially designed contoured wings make for extra torque and quick work on any electrical job. The wide range, live-action spring is flexible enough to handle small combinations with ease but then expands to accept large combinations when you need it.


IDEAL Twister® Wire Connectors: Twister Wire Connectors have earned a solid reputation, designed from top to bottom with features to provide more comfort and less fatigue to professional electricians, supporting a wide range of common wiring configurations with comfort and ease, even on the toughest combinations like solid-to-stranded.


IDEAL Fish Tapes Made in America


IDEAL Blued-Steel Fish Tape Line: Perfect for longer conduit runs, this fish tape line boasts the highest tensile strength, and highest-grade carbon steel for professional durability and reliability. The Blued-Steel provides rust and corrosion resistance for longer life and the Tuff-Grip™ Pro case and handle are impact resistant for maximum durability and longevity.


IDEAL S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tapes: S-Class Fiberglass Fish Tapes are non-conductive, and the best choice when working near live circuits. A high-quality fiberglass core provides column strength for optimum pushing and pulling capability. Its round shape allows an omni-directional capability perfect for multiple bends, or bends that change planes.



Made in the USA Hand Benders by IDEAL


Ductile Iron Hand Benders: Our ductile iron bender line is also made in America. IDEAL iron conduit benders have ductile iron construction for exceptional durability and rugged construction that withstands a lifetime of heavy use. It features precision marks locating degree scale, star, arrow and rim notch for perfect bends every time. The baked-on blue enamel finish on the handle resists corrosion and enhances visibility.


IDEAL Hand Tools That are Made in America

T®-Strippers – Invented and manufactured at our Sycamore Illinois facility, the T-Stripper Wire stripper line is the leading brand name in the world for strippers and has been the industry standard for over 50 years. They are compact, lightweight and easy to use, featuring precision-ground, knife-type blades, built-in looping holes, wire cutters and a convenient plier nose.


If you’re looking for a patriotic version of the T-stripper – check out these two which were made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of IDEAL Electrical a few years back:


9" Linesman Plier - Smart-Grip: The IDEAL Made in the U.S.A. tool line uses forged-steel construction, which provides extra strength and hardness without sacrificing flexibility. Features knife-to-knife cutting blades, high leverage pivot point and flush ground rivet.


These five hand tools are part of the IDEAL  heavy-duty hand tool line, made with Smart-Grip technology. They are all manufactured in America, along with the featured Wing Nut wire connectors.

8-1/2" Long-Nose w/cutter - Smart Grip: Another product in our Made in the U.S.A. tool line, this long-nose cutter features a long narrow nose with serrated jaws to provide a secure gripping surface for pulling wire and material through rough-in holes and other tight spaces. Our drop-forged steel adds strength and rust protection for long life.


8" Diagonal-Cutting Plier w/angled head - Smart Grip: This IDEAL Made in the U.S.A. pliers is made with forged-steel construction, which provides extra strength and hardness without sacrificing flexibility. The straight handle Smart-Grip model features an integral spring which can be deployed or stored as needed. The angled head model is shaped for optimum staple pulling leverage.


8" Diagonal-Cutting Plier - Smart-Grip: This diagonal cutting plier is also part of the Made in the U.S.A. line. The knife-to-knife blades provide excellent cutting performance


9-1/2" Tongue & Groove Pliers - Smart-Grip: This plier is the tool every professional needs. It’s built to last and provides superior performance on the job with rust preventative coating and reinforced flange protecting against breakage. The straight jaws provide maximum versatility for a number of different applications, and the V jaw provides a stronger more secure grip that won’t slip.

Yellow 77 is made locally in both the United States and Canada.

IDEAL Lubricants are All Manufactured in North America


Yellow 77®: IDEAL Yellow 77 Wire pulling lubricant is a wax-based formula and is the perfect general purpose lube. It is safe to use with most cable types except low-density polyethylene and semi-conducting jackets. It won't break down/separate after repeated exposure to freezing temperatures and dries to a thin, non-conductive film that won't clog conduit. Yellow 77 has a creamy texture and clings to cable throughout long pulls.


Clearglide®: Best for short wire-runs, Clearglide is a polymer-based formula that’s safe for all wire pulls. It’s clear and colorless for quick and easy clean-up — great for indoor and retrofit pulls.



Tool Storage that’s Hand-Made in North America


If you’d like to support the broader North American economy, we also recommend checking out our TuffTote line of leather tool storage solutions, which are hand-made in Canada.


For more information on all of the products from IDEAL, visit idealind.com.





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