Set-Screw Wire Connector, Model 11, 22-10 AWG

Set-Screw Wire Connector, Model 10, 22-10 AWG
  • Eliminates need for restriping wire each time the connection is disturbed
  • Set screw easily and securely applies maximum compression to conductors to ensure a vibration-resistant splice
  • Permits fast visual inspection of splice
  • Tough, flame-retardant shell rated at 150°C (302°F)
  • UL listed to 486C and CSA Certified to C22.2 #188; comply with Federal Specification W-S-610E

Set screw wire connectors from IDEAL ensure a vibration-resistant splice, perfect for applications near motors or other vibration. The solid brass sleeve inserts come in three sizes, allowing wire ranges 22 AWG - 10 AWG. Each package contains plastic caps, allowing for insulation of the splice after installation, as well as a set screw holder to allow for ease of installation.

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