B-TAP® Insulation Piercing Tap Connector


B-TAP® Insulation Piercing Tape Connector

  • Breakaway torque nut snaps off when UL torque requirements are met 
  • Second nut remains for easy connector removal 
  • Self-insulated housing eliminates the need for tape. Safely installs on energized systems 
  • Grease-filled end cap seals end of conductor for superior weather protection 
  • Grease-filled boots protect copper teeth from corrosion and prevent arcing 
  • Hardened copper teeth pierce insulation and bite into conductors 
  • Rated to 90°C and 600V 
  • Can be used on Cu-Cu, Al-Al, Cu-Al, and Al-Cu when used in non-tension, insulated applications 
  • Full line has wire range from #14 to 750 kcmil
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