STP Cable Thermo Stripping System, 115 V.

STP Cable Thermo Stripping System, 115 V.
  • Strip lengths are adjustable in inches or millimeters from a minimum of 1.25 in. to a maximum of 6.00 in. (31.7mm to 152.4mm).
  • Cycle times may be completed in as little as six seconds
  • User-friendly keypad emits audible tone and provides tactile feedback
  • Large, easy-to-read display shows program mode, operating functions, input prompts and service message
  • Stores up to 500 batch programs for frequently run jobs in non-volatile memory, optimizing setup and production
  • Password Security System protects against program modification
  • Safety interlock disconnects electrical power if machine is opened during operation
  • Keyed locking mechanism inhibits unauthorized entry into the machine
  • Developed for bench-top use, the STP Stripping System fits on a 24 in. deep workspace

The STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) Stripping System is programmable and meets strict tolerances. The hot-blade thermal cable stripping system adjusts to protect shielded cable for accurate stripping every time. The system automatically adjusts for cable up to .3125 in. (7.9mm) diameter and cycles in as little as six seconds. This system fits in a 24 in. work space and stores up to 500 batch programs. The STP 115V. automatically adjusts to the size of cable being stripped and readily accepts cable diameters up to a maximum of 0.3125 in. (7.9mm).

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