Mixed Bag of Gen II Lever, Push In and SpliceLine Wire Connectors


Mixed Bag of SpliceLine (5 pcs.) 3 port Push In (5 pcs.) 2 port Gen II Lever (5 pcs.) and 3 port Gen II Lever (5 pcs.)

IDEAL Gen II Lever wire connectors are a cost-effective solution for joining solid, stranded or flexible conductors. The innovative levers open in the opposite direction of the insertion point and lock in position to avoid accidental loosening or pull out.

Rated at 32A, they are reusable and can accommodate multiple wires of different types and sizes from 0.2mm2 – 4.0mm2 for solid and stranded plus 0.14mm2 – 4.0mm2 for flexible wires. 

IDEAL Push In wire connectors can reduce installation time by up to 50% compared to more traditional connection methods such as terminal blocks. They are the perfect replacement for crimped splices with 2, 3 and 4 port models rated at 32A.

The SpliceLine® in-line wire connector provides a crimp free solderless butt splice accepting up to 4.0 mm2 solid wire allowing one connector to do the job of multiple through crimps.

All connectors are CE, UKCA and UL listed and fully compliant with the 18th Edition wiring regulations in the UK.

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