The history of IDEAL INDUSTRIES founded by J. Walter Becker in 1916 and headquartered in Sycamore, Illinois, US.

March 2019 IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. announced the acquisition of Cree Commercial Lighting and Intelligent Lighting Control System. With this acquisition IDEAL has solidified their electrical strategy and commitment to the promise that founder, J. Walter Becker, made in 1916: “An IDEAL product will provide a value greater than the price paid for it. Service is part of the product”.


IDEAL is a family-owned American, 103-year-old professionally managed company with deep ties to the electrical industry. IDEAL has a long history of successful innovation and acquisitions and operates from a long-term, generational perspective under four generations of family ownership.


A bit of history:


In the early 1900’s the electric motor was revolutionising industry by allowing electrical power to be converted into mechanical power and put to work in factories. Mass production was also in its infancy.


From the beginning IDEAL had the mission of making customer’s lives and work easier. Our founder, J. Walter Becker, started IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. in 1916 after he developed an abrasive stone used in the maintenance of early motors, without taking them out of service.


J. Walter quickly outgrew his first development lab, his mother’s kitchen, and moved to a manufacturing facility in Chicago. In 1924, along with his brother Lou, he moved his manufacturing operation to a small town with what he felt would be a better environment for his family and employees: Sycamore, Illinois, 90 miles west of Chicago.


Throughout the next decades IDEAL prospered. IDEAL has a long history of product development coupled with acquisition practices that continue today. Over time, many new internally developed products have been added to serve not only industrial markets but also commercial and residential electrical and data communication contractors. IDEAL has a leading position in the development and supply of high precision wire stripping machines and tools for the Aerospace and Aviation Industry.