A survey, commissioned by Ideal Industries, targeting students studying Electrical Installation at Warrington & Vale Royal College has confirmed that more than 80% of students find the company’s In-Sure cable connectors faster and easier to install than conventional terminal strips.


The survey was carried out in partnership with Warrington & Vale Royal College as part of Ideal Industries’ knowledge sharing relationship with the electrical department. The college’s electrical students and apprentices regularly use Ideal Industries In-sure Push-In and Lever Connectors for cable terminations, as well as using conventional terminal strips, so were able to provide honest and informed feedback comparing the two methods.


Ideal Industries In-Sure Push-In and Lever Connectors proved to be both the fastest and easiest cable termination method according to the survey, with 83.3% agreeing they are faster to install and highlighting this as their key advantage. Meanwhile, 69.4% of the students who responded to the survey think that Ideal Industries In-Sure Connectors are easier to use than terminal strips.


Dave Love, senior curriculum manager for Apprenticeships & STEM at Warrington & Vale Royal College said: “It’s important that we teach students all the cable termination methods that they might be expected to use on-site but it’s clear that push-in and lever connectors are their preferred method because of how much faster and easier they make the terminations. “Interestingly, 38.9% of the students that took part in the survey also mentioned that using the In-Sure connectors will help them to adapt to different sites, which is great because part of our remit is to ensure our students are able to flex to the requirements of different jobs.”


The electrical students who responded to the survey also highlighted the ability to re-use connectors as a major benefit, with 27.8% of students agreeing that the ability to rectify mistakes is a key advantage of Ideal Industries In-Sure Connectors. Brett Smyth, general manager EMEA of Ideal Industries adds: “A major reason for working with Warrington & Vale Royal College is to support them with products that will give their students a head start in using the latest installation techniques on-site. As part of that commitment, it’s important for us to measure how well we’re doing with offering solutions that are faster and easier to install. “This survey would suggest that we’re getting it right with our In-Sure Connectors and we’d like to thank all those who took part.”