New IDEAL In-Sure® Box for fast, safe and maintenance-free enclosure installation


To make the installation of electrical conductor enclosures safe, fast and simple without the need for any tools, IDEAL is launching the new In-Sure Box.  The innovative enclosure is also designed to meet the maintenance free accessory standard.


The In-Sure Box is designed for use with In-Sure Push-in, In-Sure Lever and SpliceLine® wire connectors, making it maintenance free and suitable for installation of an electrical junction in an inaccessible location, such as behind plasterboard or under a floor.   As the In-Sure Box complies with the BS 5733 maintenance free accessory standard and BS 7671 wiring regulations, it provides safety while removing the need to fit unsightly or awkward access panels. Plus, it avoids damage to finished surfaces which would then need to be expensively reworked or repaired.


Uniquely, the new In-Sure Box has 4 cable entry points allowing up to 2 cables each, meaning that it can be used either as a cable entry from one end or an ‘in-line’ configuration, for applications such as cable splices or lighting spurs.  It is designed to accept most common flat and round cables with an overall diameter of 3mm to 8mm and can accept up to six individual connectors.


As well as providing a safe, maintenance free solution, a wide range of helpful features enable domestic electrical installers to benefit from quicker, simpler installation in any application with the In-Sure Box.  By combining Push-In, Lever or SpliceLine wire connectors with the patented In-Sure cable grip system, no additional tools are needed to secure the cable. This makes installation fast, easy and fuss-free, even when working in awkward environments, such as up a ladder or in a confined space.


The versatility of the In-Sure Box is further enhanced by its small size; the enclosure fits through a 50mm hole for spotlights and similar installations. However, despite its slimline design, it supports cables from 0.5mm2 to 2.5mm2.