IDEAL® Electrical is the Electrician’s Champion. Given that, we understand the value of investing in the next generation of electricians. With a careful emphasis on product innovation and emerging trends, we seek to engage with each fresh generation of electrical students to help ensure their career success. 


As a global market leader in high quality electrical tools and accessories, IDEAL Electrical hopes to continue to inspire the next generation of young electricians by designing innovative products that are effective and efficient in the modern applications they will be faced with. To prepare these young professionals, IDEAL contributes product demos, safety isolation kits, and training curriculum to local colleges to help develop and encourage a safety-first culture.


Keeping in line with this mission statement, IDEAL Electrical is a Silver Sponsor of the SPARKS Learner of the Year competition for the second year in a row. In addition to donated tools and hardware, the winner will also receive a day’s training in contemporary techniques and equipment. 


One of the products being used during the competition is the IDEAL Gen II Lever Connector, which was created with a focus specifically on safety and compliance. Designed to make wire terminations easier, faster, and more consistent, the Gen II Connector range enables electricians to secure conductors in seconds without the need for screwdrivers or crimping. These specialized push-in connectors are also easy to inspect with their built-in check port for continuity testing during and after installation.


The Learner of the Year contest is a national competition, with six regional events that will culminate in a grand final event. Each participating  school can enter just one student, which ensures a showcase of the most up-and-coming talent.  The contestants will battle it out for regional bragging rights then moving forward to compete in the final.


“We are delighted to show our ongoing support for SPARKS’ Learner of the Year competition. It’s incredibly important that we nurture upcoming industry talent, by providing products which are superior in quality and respond to current market challenges. We’ve made it our mission to ensure that the electricians of tomorrow have access to systems that get the job done quickly and easily as they embark upon their exciting career pathways.”


-Brett Smyth, General Manager EMEA at IDEAL Electrical


Regional events begin in January and February 2023, with the grand final scheduled to take place in April. The competitors will then be judged upon a six-hour practical test moderated by NAPIT. 


To learn more, visit SPARKS Magazine.