IDEAL introduces Wire Armour™ - a new line of premium vinyl electrical tape that provides superior adhesion, elasticity, strength and performance.

IDEAL has released a new range of premium vinyl electrical tape in a variety of colours. Wire Amour™ features Blue Core technology that provides high elasticity, and is suitable for use in extreme temperatures, from cold weather applications as low as -18°C up to 105°C insulating and bonding under even the toughest conditions and in the most critical applications.


Elongation is one of the critical factors in electrical vinyl tape when it comes to stretch and its ability to protect and seal a connection. Good elongation correlates to high tensile strength which leads to a tighter connection that is protected from the elements. The elasticity of the premium tape helps make tight and secure connections. Wire Amour™ stretches to more than 2X its original length and its elongation ranges from 150% (UL minimum) to 260%.


When performance matters, you need to trust that the adhesive will create a secure bond. Physical signs of adhesive breakdown can be seen by tape flagging and tape curling, which can be caused by a wide variety of factors: from the breakdown of the adhesive layers, the presence of contaminants on the adhesive and even high temperatures which can weaken the adhesive properties exposing the connection to corrosion.


When it comes to premium tape you want a line that will perform in a wide variety of environmental conditions. Not all tapes can be trusted to stick in extreme temperatures. In cold environments, you need a vinyl tape that will not harden and create a weak bond but is designed to adhere even in extremely low temperatures. In hot environments, you want a tape that can handle the heat and won’t cause the adhesive to melt creating a loose connection or the adhesive to ooze out creating a weaker bond. Wire Armour™ will perform over a wide range of temperatures from -18°C to 105°C (0°F to 220°F). Available in 10 colours, Wire Armour™ premium electrical tape is flame retardant, has high UV resistance, and is impervious to water, oil, acids, alkalis and a wide variety of corrosive chemicals.