Twin & Earth Cable Stripper for flat cable PR announcement

Ideal Industries EMEA has launched a Twin & Earth cable stripper designed to make stripping of insulated flat cables faster and more consistent, with no risk of nicking the wire.


Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the robust, ergonomic tool has been designed specifically for use with twin and earth cables. The self-adjusting blades offer an unlimited stripping range for fast and accurate removal of the insulation. Capable of removing the outer sheath in one swift operation, then stripping the inner cores with a second action, the tool speeds up installations without compromising on quality and consistency.


Explains general manager of Ideal Industries EMEA, Brett Smyth: “Ideal is a global leader and innovator in the design of wire strippers and that heritage makes us the brand that electrical professionals trust around the world. Ideal wire strippers were specifically requested for the manned mission to the moon because of their reputation for quality and precision, even in the most extreme environments.“


The Ideal Twin & Earth Stripper makes the often onerous job of accurately removing the slug quick and easy, avoiding the potential for mistakes and speeding up installations while enhancing quality and reducing the risk of snagging.”


The ergonomic design makes the Ideal Twin & Earth Stripper easy and comfortable to use with minimal pressure required to complete a clean cut for any flat cables between 0.75 and 2.5 mm2 and up to 12 mm wide. Users simply insert the required length of cable into the tool and squeeze the handles together. The open-throat design allows an unlimited strip length for both the outer sheath and the inner wire sheathing.  The tool’s specially hardened and tempered steel blades ensure an accurate cut and an extended service life, making it an excellent investment.


Brett Smyth adds: “We’re constantly on the look-out for innovation that makes life easier for electricians on site and this tool saves time and avoids mistakes, which can help reduce costs and ensure jobs are completed on time. “The way electricians strip the slug from insulated flat cables hasn’t changed for decades but we believe this tool could be a game changer.”


If you require any further information or assistance, please call IDEAL on +44(0)1925 444 446 or contact IDEAL via email: