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IDEAL® sponsors 2024 SPARKS Learner of the Year competition and provides innovative product range for competitors’ use.

About the Competition


IDEAL Electrical is proud to continue its longstanding support for the well-respected SPARKS Learner of the Year competition. Returning as a silver sponsor for the third year in a row, IDEAL is committed to supporting the next generation of electrical talent.


The exciting initiative kicks off in the new year with the competition travelling across England and Wales during January and February, in search of the best up-and-coming industry talent. During the regional heats, Level 2 and 3 electrical students from colleges nationwide will compete in a live practical installation challenge for the chance to win this prestigious award.


The regional winners and overall runner-up will go on to compete in the grand final, due to take place in April at the Schneider Electric’s Innovation Hub in Coventry, where the 2024 SPARKS Learner of the Year winner will be crowned.



How our Products Make a Difference


As a global market leader in high quality electrical accessories, tools and equipment, IDEAL has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of innovative and trustworthy products and recognises the challenges faced by electricians today, particularly on increasingly complex contemporary projects.

Able to accommodate multiple wires of different sizes, Gen II Lever Wire Connectors offer a fast and cost-effective alternative to terminal strips, ensuring easier, more consistent terminations for wires up to 4mm2 and 32A.

Designed for use with IDEAL wire connectors, the In-Sure Enclosure Box is 18th Edition compliant for fast, safe and maintenance-free enclosure installation without the use of tools. 

Keen to nurture the industry’s budding talent, IDEAL has pledged to provide various products for competitors to use in the six regional heats and grand final. During the 2023 competition, contestants put the company’s Gen II Lever Wire ConnectorsIn-Sure Enclosure Box and Contractor Lockout/Tagout Kit to good use. As with all IDEAL products, they are designed to help electricians work safely and speedily to deliver installations that are simple, consistent and compliant.


The Lockout/Tagout Kit, meanwhile, ensures contractor safety whilst electrical work is being carried out.



Why We Give Back


Mike Cullom, Northern Europe Sales Manager discusses why IDEAL continues to give back to the competition, "It is so important to celebrate the next generation of electrical talent, so we are particularly proud to sponsor a competition that champions the skills of the electricians of tomorrow by encouraging them to showcase their ambition.”


“Contemporary projects are becoming increasingly complex for installers to undertake, with the emphasis firmly on safety and compliance. On this point, Mike adds, “ We are committed to nurturing upcoming industry talent by providing quality, cost-effective products that respond to current market challenges and get the job done quickly, safely and consistently. This is reflected in the innovative design and execution of not only the products that we supply to the SPARKS Learner of the Year competition, but our entire product range.”


“IDEAL would like to take this opportunity to wish all competitors the best of luck; we look forward to supporting you as your exciting careers in the electrical industry unfold.”

Mike Cullom of IDEAL Electrical EMEA wishing students luck competing for SPARKS Learner of the Year.