Electricians Approve of New Products

Now available in EMEA, IDEAL Electrical™ adds modular plug (RJ45) strain relief boots, 5-, 6-, and 8-port push-in connectors and wipes to its catalogue.


IDEAL Electrical adds new products to its catalogue and the reviews from UK electricians indicate these 5-star products will aid in the quality of electricians’ installations across the EMEA region.





An enhancement to the popular IDEAL Electrical push-in wire connector range, the new 5-, 6-, and 8-port push-in wire connectors are now rated up to 32 amps and come in a smaller size, saving box-fill and enabling broader applications.  





Strain relief boots enable higher quality, longer-lasting patch cable connections. Designed to limit conductor movement in modular plugs and protect CAT6 cable from continuity failures, NEW RJ45 Snagless Strain Relief Boots from IDEAL Electrical are the accessory every low voltage installer needs to maintain clean and quality work, every time. 

Unique Features of IDEAL Electrical™ Strain Relief Boots

Strain Relief boot with graphic text image

Sized for Cat 5e and Cat6 twisted pair cables, IDEAL® strain relief boots fit industry standard RJ-45 8P8C connectors.

Strain Relief boot with graphic text image

The boots need to be placed onto the cable before both connector ends are terminated. The boots help to protect the modular plug body, especially the latch tab, from external handling damage and extends the connector life.

Strain Relief boot with graphic text image

The strain relief feature on the boots helps to maintain the cable bend radius, which can help maintain data speed and prevent data loss.

photo of wipe canister

IDEAL® Wipes


Electricians in the region can now also purchase industrial strength wipes from IDEAL Electrical. They are made to be used for the toughest clean-up jobs and are safe to use on hands, infused with Vitamin E and natural hand moisturisers to leave hands feeling clean, soft, and residue-free. One side of the wipe has a non-scratching, textured scrubbing surface, while the other is soft and smooth for use on delicate surfaces. These are essential for wiping dirt, grease, & grime off tools or other surfaces.

About IDEAL Electrical™

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