Reece Hardy gets to put the IDEAL Industries 61-347 Digital Multi Meter through its paces


The IDEAL 61-347 Digital Multi Meter is a CAT IV 600 CAT III 1000V rated auto ranging true root mean square (TRMS) digital multi meter that measures up to 10 Amps AC and DC current via the test leads in series with the load. 


This new range of multi meters consists of four models in total – ranging from the 61-327 through to top-end 61-357 - all designed to cover every operator experience level.


I was given the opportunity to trial the 61-347 which, like all the others, has a large 6000 count display and is guaranteed for two years. It arrived complete with a soft belt case, user handbook, test certificate, test leads and K-Type Thermocouple.


The unit is capable of measuring 1000V AC and DC, 10 Amps AC and DC, capacitance, resistance (continuity/diode), and temperature (via the K-Type Thermocouple), amongst other things. Non-contact voltage is sensed by a pickup toward the front and the display shows EF. The item is True RMS for AC voltage and current and it also has a display alarm for voltages over 30V.


The battery compartment holds 3 x AAA type cells and fellow users will notice two distinctive fuses - if either of these fuses for current reading are open circuit, the meter will display FUSE to alert the user.


In use, the meter has a fold out stand and features a protective soft shell jacket around the unit to protect it from bumps and dents. In fact, it is specified that the unit can withstand a drop from 2 metres on a hard surface, but I have yet to put this to the test (fortunately)! 


The grooves on the rear of the product can park the probes and they’re also able to project one probe for two handed (or one handed with 4mm plug lead) use. 


So how has it fared? I’ve found that most situations you’re likely to come across can be handled using this DMM, and I believe the only advantage of the next meter up in the series (the 61-357) is that it offers low impedance for current and a bar graph display.


I’m a big fan of the exceptionally large display, which allows for long distance viewing, and I’ve found the unit to be very comfortable to hold (weighing in at a little over 500g) and exceptionally easy to use. The backlit option on the display also provides the user with the capability to make readings out in darker conditions.


One feature that I particularly like is that the 61-347 uses an illuminated red LED in the centre of the meter and will emit audible tones to notify when voltage is above 30 V, when continuity is detected and when the NCV senses voltage within its set range. 


The rubber boot has two probe storage points, and built-in probe tip holders to allow measurements while holding the meter in one hand and the second lead in the other hand. The meter also has a hanging strap mount (compatible with all other IDEAL meters with this feature) that allows for a hanging strap (sold separately) to be attached to the meter so it can be hung from a nail, screw or magnetic surface. Additionally, an industrial grade over-moulding enhances grip and drop protection. I also really like the easy open, fully accessible storage pouch with a belt loop that allows for meter, probes and thermocouple storage.


If you’re in the market for a quality, reliable DMM, I’d recommend taking a look at this product.