IDEAL Wire Armour Electrical Tape


When Performance Matters

You can count on Wire Armour™ from IDEAL® Electrical to get the job done.  Our full electrical tape line now includes electrical vinyl tapes, rubber mastics, corrosion protection, and more. Wire Armour™ is the professional quality tape electricians need.


When was the last time you looked at your tape? 

As the Electrician’s Champion, IDEAL® Electrical brings you the superior performance, optimum value, and wide selection you need in electrical tape. Next time you look at your tape, look for the blue-core from the brand you can trust.

  • Highly resistant to UV, water, oil, acids, and other corrosive chemicals
  • Cold temperature and weather resistant
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Great elasticity, adhesion, and elongation
  • Multiple colors for phasing and identification



How Does Wire Armour™ Compete?

We tested our electrical tape against the best in the industry and measured the most important attributes like adhesion, elongation, and elasticity.  When it comes to performance, Wire Armour™ has the quality you need to handle even the toughest and most challenging environments.

Adhesion Test

Elongation Test

Elasticity Test

IDEAL NOW Offers a Full Line of Electrical Tape

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