Spiral Step Bit Kit


Spiral Step Bit Kit

  • Rugged, durable molded plastic case with metal latch
  • Kit includes four step bits (36-701, 36-703, 36-705, 36-706)
  • Kit provides a solution for every electrical hole size between 1/8" and 1-3/8"

The IDEAL® line of spiral step bits enables you to save time with titanium nitride spiral cutting action. Each step has a gradual relief that eases into each cut reducing the need to change drill bits. This provides an economical way to save you valuable time on the project.

Manufactured out of M35 High Speed Steel with Cobalt, providing strength and durability, the bit design has balanced hardened edges and ¼” hex shank that makes them compatible not only with cordless drills but also optimized for impact drivers.

The split point tip eliminates the need for a starter pilot hole and minimizes walking on the material for quick startup on any project. Titanium nitride coating lowers the cooling time, extending the life for repetitive drilling through the toughest of materials. IDEAL® Step Drill bits feature a spiral cutting action providing faster chip removal, less vibration and faster drilling rate which minimizes binding while drilling.

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