S-Class® Fish Tape 50' w/Rapid-Pak® Case


S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tapes w/Rapid-Pak® Case, 50''

  • 3/16" diameter
  • Non-conductive fish tape designed for use around live circuits
  • Strong S-Class® fiberglass core for strength and greater pushing power
  • Smooth nylon jacket protects fiberglass, and provides smooth surface for great handling around bends
  • Round shape provides omni-directional pushing through tough bends
  • Pulling strength 500 lbs.

S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tapes are non-conductive, and the best choice when working near live circuits. A high quality fiberglass core provides column strength for optimum pushing and pulling capability. Its round shape allows an omni-directional capability perfect for multiple bends, or bends that change planes. Choose from three end types; metal eyelet, a leader for even better maneuverability, and a nonconductive eyelet which prevents arc flash. Replacement tapes also available.

More Information
Case Diameter 12"
Case Type Rapid-Pak®
Fish Tape Type Fiberglass
Tensile Strength 500 lb
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