Wire Connectors

IDEAL has a connector that’s right for every job. We've been supplying electricians with top-quality, reliable electrical connectors since 1924, including Canada's best wire connector, Can-Twist™.

Our complete line includes twist-on, push-in, grounding, crimp, and tap wire connectors, among others. We also manufacture low-voltage datacom connectors for twisted pair and coax - such as our feed-thru RJ45 connectors. The IDEAL line is designed to provide safe, dependable solutions for every application. Whether it’s commercial, residential, or industrial, IDEAL has the connector that’s right for every job.

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  1. Vinyl Insulated Spade Terminal 16-14 AWG
  2. Vinyl Insulated Spade Terminal 22-18 AWG
  3. Wrap Cap® Insulators Model 417 For use with Model 411 or 412
  4. Wrap Cap® Insulators Model 415 For use with Model 410
  5. Steel Crimp Connectors Model 412 18-4 AWG
  6. Steel Crimp Connectors Model 411 18-8 AWG
  7. Steel Crimp Connectors Model 410 18-10 AWG
  8. PowerPlug® Luminaire Disconnects Model 182 2-Wire
  9. PowerPlug® Luminaire Disconnects Model 102 2-Wire
  10. In-Sure® Push-In Wire Connectors 3-Port
  11. In-Sure® Push-In Wire Connectors 8-Port
  12. In-Sure® Push-In Wire Connectors 6-Port
  13. In-Sure® Push-In Wire Connectors 5-Port
  14. In-Sure® Push-In Wire Connectors 4-Port
  15. In-Sure® Push-In Wire Connectors 2-Port
  16. SpliceLine® In-Line Wire Connectors
  17. WeatherProof Wire Connectors Model 63®
  18. WeatherProof Wire Connectors Model 61®
  19. B-CAP® Wire Connectors Model B4
  20. B-CAP® Wire Connectors Model B2
  21. B-CAP® Wire Connectors Model B1
  22. Twister® PRO Wire Connectors
  23. Twister® Wire Connectors Model 342®
  24. Twister® Wire Connectors Model 341®

Items 73-96 of 284

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