Hand Tools

IDEAL tools are manufactured using the best quality materials for unmatched durability. Designed to meet the real world needs of professional tradespeople, our hand tools offer accuracy as well as ergonomics for all day performance.

Explore our line of precision strippers, pliers, screwdrivers, crimpers, cutting tools, and insulated tool kits and see why IDEAL is known as the Electrician's Champion.

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  1. Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades 32T
  2. Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades 18T
  3. SKU 35-1091
    Cable Splicing Knife
  4. SKU 45-353
    V-Notch Wire Cutter
  5. SKU 45-260
    T®-Cutter Lite Wire Cutter
  6. SKU 35-9340
    Insulated Skinning Knife
  7. SKU 45-101
    V-Notch Wire Strippers
  8. SKU 45-123
    T®-Cutter Wire Cutter
  9. SKU 35-274
    Folding Saw with Bi-Metal Blade
  10. SKU 35-272
    Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades 24T
  11. SKU 35-301
    Utility Knife Replacement Blades
  12. SKU 35-287
    Linesman's Jack Knife
  13. SKU 35-286
    Hawkbill Knife
  14. SKU 35-001
    Aviation Tin Snips
  15. SKU 35-300
    Utility Knife
  16. SKU 35-285
    Electrician's Knife
  17. SKU 35-275
    Jab Saw
  18. SKU 35-261
    Ergonomic Hacksaw Frame w/24T Blade
  19. SKU 35-260
    Heavy Duty Hacksaw
  20. SKU 35-088
    Electrician’s Scissors
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20 Items

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