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We’ve been helping electricians safely verify and analyze electrical systems since 1924. IDEAL testers are known for being durable, reliable, and highly accurate. From our innovative SureTrace® circuit tracers to voltage testers, clamp meters, and NCV testers, we have a full line of testing and measuring equipment for professional tradespeople. Trust IDEAL to help you get the job done safely and efficiently.


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  1. SKU BP-958
    SureTrace™ Battery Pack for 61-959
  2. SKU TL-495
    Test Leads w/Alligator Clips (Standard)
  3. SKU F-340
    Replacement Fuse 500mA/500V
  4. SKU F-337P
    Replacement Fuses for 61-337 Multimeter
  5. SKU TLF-014
    Fused Test Leads Kit CAT IV
  6. SKU UMHS-757
    Universal Magnetic Hanging Strap
  7. SKU CR-959
    SureTrace™ Cradle for Receivers RC-955 & RC-959
  8. SKU IC-958
    SureTrace™ Inductive Clamp Transmitter for 61-958
  9. SKU C-955
    SureTrace™ Blow Mold Case 61-955
  10. SKU TL-757
    Universal Test Leads & Alligator Clips
  11. SKU C-770
    Carrying Case for 61-773 & 61-775
  12. SKU RC-959
    SureTrace™ Receiver for 61-957 and 61-959
  13. SKU TL-797RP
    Remote Probe Test Lead for 61-797
  14. SKU C-959
    SureTrace™ Blow Mold Case 61-959
  15. SKU F-341
    Replacement Fuse 10A/1000V
  16. SKU 61-070
    Standard Test Leads for 61-065 61-076
  17. SKU 61-175
    SureTest® Ground Continuity Adapter
  18. SKU 61-176
    SureTest® Isolated Ground Adapter
  19. SKU 61-179
    SureTest® Nylon Carrying Case
  20. SKU 61-182
    SureTest® Extension Cord 1'
  21. SKU 61-183
    SureTest® Alligator Clip Adapter
  22. SKU 61-201
    Batteries for Vol-Con® Tester
  23. SKU 61-565
    Magnetic Strap for Multimeters
  24. SKU C-290
    Nylon Carrying Case for Multimeters
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Items 1-24 of 39

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