B-TWIST™ Wire Connectors Model BT2® (500/JR)


B-TWIST™ Wire Connector, Model BT2® Red, Jar of 500

  • Square-wire spring brings connection to torque quickly to get the job done efficiently
  • Rounded dial-top with vertical ribs provides fast fingertip starts
  • Long, swept wings offer high torque in a low profile design
  • Wide, expanding spring make for easy starts on even the largest combinations
  • Wide range covers from 2 #18 to 2 #8

Comes to torque quick and easy.

The B-TWIST™ Wire Connector combines all of the features of red and yellow wing-style wire connectors in one unique design. The rounded dial-top with vertical grooves provides fast, fingertip starts and its low-profile design fits easily into electrical boxes. The long, swept wings offer high torque and improve comfort while the wide, expanding spring makes for easy starts on even the largest combinations.

The tough, flame-retardant shell withstands environmental extremes with a long, deep skirt that provides maximum dielectric protection to prevent flash-over and turned-back strands.

Featuring a wide wire range from 2 #18 up to 2 #8, the B-TWIST™ provides top performance and speed in a compact connector.

More Information
Quantity Jar of 500
Usage Indoor
Colour Red
Maximum Rated Voltage 600V
Maximum Temperature 105°C
Maximum Wire Gauge 8 AWG
Minimum Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Termination Method Twist-On
Twist-On Type Wing
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