Circuit Breaker Finder 120V AC


The IDEAL 61-535 is a 120V AC Circuit Breaker Finder that automatically identifies a circuit breaker/fuse protecting a live branch circuit. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The Transmitter sends a signal over the conductors when connected to an energized circuit. It also identifies the presence of power and indicates corrector/incorrect wiring conditions via illuminated Green and Red LED’s and contains a GFCI Trip Tester. The receiver reads the transmitter’s signal and identifies the breaker/fuse energizing the circuit by illuminating a flashing green LED and emitting beeps once it determines the breaker/fuse with the strongest signal. The receiver also senses the presence of AC voltage (60 - 600 V AC) via and non-contact voltage (NCV) sensor in the tip. The receiver indicates the presence of AC voltage by illuminating a red flashing LED and emitting a beeping sound. The audible tone for both the breaker finding mode and the NCV mode can be muted via a button for working in noise sensitive areas. The receiver also includes a work light that can be operated independently for work in poorly lit conditions.

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