Circuit Breaker Finder 120V AC


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The IDEAL 61-535 is a 120V AC Circuit Breaker Finder that automatically identifies a circuit breaker/fuse protecting a live branch circuit. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The Transmitter sends a signal over the conductors when connected to an energized circuit. It also identifies the presence of power and indicates corrector/incorrect wiring conditions via illuminated Green and Red LED’s and contains a GFCI Trip Tester. The receiver reads the transmitter’s signal and identifies the breaker/fuse energizing the circuit by illuminating a flashing green LED and emitting beeps once it determines the breaker/fuse with the strongest signal. The receiver also senses the presence of AC voltage (60 - 600 V AC) via and non-contact voltage (NCV) sensor in the tip. The receiver indicates the presence of AC voltage by illuminating a red flashing LED and emitting a beeping sound. The audible tone for both the breaker finding mode and the NCV mode can be muted via a button for working in noise sensitive areas. The receiver also includes a work light that can be operated independently for work in poorly lit conditions.

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Colour Yellow
CSA Listing C22.2 No. 160
Audible Indicator Yes
Auto Power Off Yes
Battery Type 9V
CAT Rating CATII 150V
Correct Wiring Fault Yes
Flashlight Yes
Frequency No
GFCI Trip Test Yes
GFCI Trip Test Indicator Yes
Impedance No
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Neutral Ground Voltage No
Polarity Indicator Yes
Power Consumption 1.5W max. @ 120V AC
Supply Frequency 60HZ
Visual Indicator Yes
Warranty 2-Year
UL Listing UL 1436
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