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IDEAL® Unveils New Circuit Tracer Models

The new circuit tracer models from IDEAL Electrical™ incorporate the latest technology and newest features to provide an industry-leading performance on the job.

SYCAMORE, Ill. (May 20, 2024) – IDEAL Electrical is pleased to announce the addition of two innovative circuit tracer models to its industry-leading lineup. Both the IDEAL Electrical SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer (61-946) and the IDEAL Electrical SureTrace™ Plus Circuit Tracer (61-948) will enhance the trusted SureTrace line by incorporating the latest technological advances at a more affordable price.


The new models were designed using electrician’s feedback to ensure electrical troubleshooting is made easier than ever. The Plus version distinguishes itself further with a groundbreaking new feature: an integrated continuity test to detect shorts and splice errors. In addition to this patent-pending feature, the Plus will also contain the IDEAL Electrical signature test and measurement technology – TightSight™ rotating display – which allows readings to be seen easier and clearer than anything else available on the market.

Sure Trace finding dead short

The IDEAL SureTrace Circuit Tracer (61-946) being used to identify a dead short fault.

"IDEAL Electrical has been a leader in the circuit tracing industry since we developed the original circuit tracer 19 years ago,” said Carmen Cardillo, the General Manager of IDEAL Electrical. “We are proud to build upon this legacy with the launch of new models that raise the bar with their superior jobsite performance.”


IDEAL circuit tracers are an indispensable tool that save electricians valuable time on the jobsite. Using a circuit tracer, electricians can quickly identify which breaker or fuse protects a particular circuit and eliminate the need for tedious manual testing. Circuit tracers also enable electricians to swiftly locate splice errors, dead shorts and concealed conductors, even those situated in challenging ceiling and floor locations. This streamlines the troubleshooting process and minimizes downtime on the job. It also allows many troubleshooting tasks to be done by a single person.


“With a circuit tracer, one tool can do everything, so there’s no need to grab your multimeter for taking readings,” said Greg Anliker, a professional electrician based in Elgin, Ill. that tested the newest models. “IDEAL SureTrace Circuit Tracers provide the most reliable and accurate readings of any tracer I have ever used. The latest models are more affordable and feature-packed than ever.”

Suretrace finding continuity

Electrician Greg Anliker using the IDEAL SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer Plus  (61-948) to test for continuity on an open panel.

The first of the new models – the SureTrace Circuit Tracer (61-946) – is rated up to CAT III 480V and features a newer chip design for improved performance. This cost-effective model includes an ergonomic, rugged design that enhances grip and durability, allowing the circuit tracer to withstand a drop of up to two meters (approx. six and a half feet). Additionally, the circuit tracer receiver’s integrated backlight facilitates usage in poor lighting conditions, while the transmitter incorporates a kickstand and an optional magnetic hanging strap to allow for multiple setup or hanging options.

The IDEAL Electrical SureTrace Circuit Tracer Plus (61-948) includes all the enhancements of the 61-946 model along with even more features. The Plus is rated up CAT III 600V and includes color-coded indicators to read voltage levels (AC or DC), DC polarity and PPE notification. The patented TightSight™ display located on the bottom of this model’s receiver ensures electricians can read the tracer even when accessing cables overhead or deep within a distribution panel. In addition, the Plus’ transmitter is the first and only circuit tracer in the market to include a patent pending built-in continuity tester.


“The IDEAL Circuit Tracer Plus revolutionizes the industry with the inclusion of integrated continuity testing,” said Chris Forthaus, a Product Manager at IDEAL Electrical. “The Plus is truly an all-in-one solution that can trace, test for and locate shorts or splice errors without the need for a separate tester.”


IDEAL Electrical is proud to expand its circuit tracer offerings with these latest enhanced models. IDEAL remains committed to leading development in this industry to cater to the evolving needs of electricians.


The IDEAL SureTrace Circuit Tracer Plus (61-948) on both its high visibility TightSight and main displays.


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