Wire Connectors

IDEAL has a wire connector that’s right for every job. We created our first twist-on wire connector in 1924 and have sold billions since.

IDEAL Wire Connectors are built for performance and reliability. Our complete line includes Twist-On Wire Connectors, Push-In Wire Connectors, Grounding Wire Connectors, Datacom Wire Connectors, among others. The IDEAL line of electrical wire connectors is built to provide safe, dependable solutions for every application. Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial; we have the connector that’s right for every job.

Wire Connectors
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  1. SKU 30-0092J
    Gen II Lever Wire Connector - 2 wires 100/jar
    AUD$38.50 AUD$35.00
  2. SKU 30-0093J
    Gen II Lever Wire Connector - 3 wires 50/Jar
    AUD$24.20 AUD$22.00
  3. SKU 30-0095J
    Gen II Lever Wire Connector - 5 wires 40/Jar
    AUD$27.50 AUD$25.00
  4. SKU 30-1132J
    Push-In Wire Connector, 2-wire Red, Jar of 100
    AUD$22.00 AUD$20.00
  5. SKU 30-1133J
    Push-In Wire Connector, 3-wire Orange, Jar of 100
    AUD$29.33 AUD$26.66
  6. SKU 30-1134J
    Push-In Wire Connector, 4-wire Yellow, Jar of 50
    AUD$20.53 AUD$18.66
  7. SKU 30-240JA
    Twister® Wire Connector Model 340 Orange Jar of 250
    AUD$55.00 AUD$50.00
  8. SKU 30-241JA
    Twister® Wire Connector Model 341 Tan Jar of 150
    AUD$41.80 AUD$38.00
  9. SKU 30-242JA
    Twister® Wire Connector Model 342 Grey Jar of 75
    AUD$29.70 AUD$27.00
  10. SKU 30-902
    Spin-Twist® Wire Connector Socket, Card of 1
    AUD$28.60 AUD$26.00

18 Items

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