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Jason O'Connell,  IDEAL® Electrical Regional Manager of Australia and New Zealand discusses the benefits of the company’s new Gen II Lever Wire Connectors for faster, easier & safer wire terminations. 


Our History of Innovation in Wire Termination  


IDEAL Electrical first began pioneering the innovative push-In connectors in the United Kingdom almost 20 years ago, followed by SpliceLine® In-Line Wire Connector and Lever Wire Connectors. These connectors have been an instant hit with electricians and a game-changer for the electrical contracting sector. Providing a faster, easier and more consistent approach to wire terminations, our patented innovation has become widely used on all kinds of installations, from domestic properties to complex commercial projects. 


Known worldwide as a business that reinvests to drive innovation and make products that aid speed, ease and cost efficiency of installation, IDEAL Electrical focuses on continuous improvement through research and development. Thanks to our understanding of electricians’ evolving needs, the complexities of contemporary projects and the importance of safety and compliance, we have developed the next generation of lever wire connectors with our Gen II range. With even more features and functionality, they are poised to make installations faster, easier, safer and more consistent than ever.

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What Sets Gen II Wire Connectors Apart


Ideal for a quick, simple and safe wire termination installation with a high level of power consumption up to 32 amps, the IDEAL Electrical Gen II Lever Wire Connector range provides a versatile solution suitable for joining solid, stranded or flexible conductors. We have created two-, three- or five-port models to enable electricians to select the right connector or combination of connectors for each termination.


Offering a faster, easier and more cost-effective alternative to terminal blocks, the Gen II Lever Wire Connector rRange allows electricians to secure cables in place in seconds, with no screwdriver or crimping required and a simple strip, push, connect action. The levers have been designed to open in the opposite direction to the insertion port, locking the cables into position to prevent any accidental loosening or pull out, ensuring a safe and secure connection throughout the lifecycle of the installation. The clear window at the bottom of the connector for all the Gen II Lever Wire Connector models enables easy inspection and there is a check port for testing, enabling full safety and consistency verification at the point of installation.

Versatility Built-in


Designed to provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for faster, easier wire terminations, the Gen II range is reusable and allows the use of multiple wires of different sizes and types within the same lever connector.


All models can be used with solid or rigid stranded cables of between 0.2mm2 and 4.0mm2, while the units are suitable for use with any flexible cable from 0.14mm2 to 4.0mm2. Each connector features a built-in wire strip guide to enable installers to check the correct stripping length and, for solid and stranded cables, once the wire has been stripped, it can simply be pushed in with no need to lift the lever. 


For flexible wires, the lever is lifted before inserting the conductor and clamping it into place. The Gen II Lever Connectors have been designed to prevent errors and ensure consistency, enabling wire terminations to be carried out more quickly with less risk of snagging.


Wide Ranging Applications


The ease of installation and versatility across different wire types and sizes makes the Gen II Lever Wire Connector range suitable for a wide variety of applications. The compact design enables easier fitting in junction boxes and enclosures, where space is often limited. This can be particularly useful in lighting and access control installations, where multiple conductors often need to come together in a tight space.


The versatility of the Gen II Lever Wire Connector range is not limited to lighting and access control installations, however; the innovative product has been designed for any application up to 32 amps, including radial and final ring circuits.

Convenient & Cost Effective


As always, we have listened to the marketplace to understand what different types of users need from us in terms of how we deliver the right products at the right price. As a result, we are providing Gen II Lever, In-Sure® Push-In and SpliceLine In-Line wire connectors in jars of 40, 50 or 100 pieces, enabling contractors to try the Gen II range for the first time.


Gen II Innovation for all Generations


Whether you’re an experienced contractor that has always used terminal blocks or a recently trained electrician that has used lever connectors before, the Gen II range brings fresh ideas to site that combine safety and ease of use with all the quality and cost effectiveness you’d expect from IDEAL Industries.



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