For over 100 years, IDEAL has been the leading force in wire termination technology.


From the introduction of our first twist-on wire connector in 1924, IDEAL has been the leading force in wire termination technology. Through ingenuity, proven performance and innovative engineering, IDEAL continues to lead the electrical industry with products that deliver more than the price paid.

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widest wire range in the industy

The Twister Pro and ProFLEX family combines the most comfortable wire connector from IDEAL Electrical with the widest wire range of any multi-colored connectors in the industry. The ProFLEX and ProFLEX Mini are also engineered with a flexible skirt for added protection


Twister Pro Wire Connectors

Widest Wire Range

  • Widest Wire Range of any multi-colored wire connectors in the industry
  • Models 343 & 347 flexible skirt provides improved protection and adapts to tightly fit electrical boxes with limited space
  • Swept wing design with SureGrip™ overmold offers greater comfort, leverage, and torque for faster connections
  • Expanding square-wire spring and polypropylene shell deliver a secure connection every time
  • Tough, UL 94V-2 flame-retardant shell

Twister Wire Connectors - Preferred Choice for Residential Jobs

Comfortable Swept Wing

  • Swept wings for more comfort, extra leverage, and less effort on large combinations
  • Expanding, live-action spring supports a wide range of common wiring configurations
  • Polypropylene shell expands for smooth, progressive tightening providing dependable connections
  • Hexagonal shape accommodates standard nut driver for easy installation
  • Quick take-up on even the toughest combinations, including solid-to-stranded
  • UL Listed to 105C (221F)

Wire-Nut Wire Connectors

The American Classic Since 1928

  • Fixed square spring for a secure hold
  • Refined range to handle all common applications
  • Positive grip shell that is perfect to twist-on with fingers
  • Excellent for fine stranded wire applications
  • UL Listed to 105C (221F)

High-Temp Wire-Nut Wire Connectors

All of the same features as the Wire-Nut. Wire Connector, plus:

  • Black, thermoplastic shell designed to withstand extreme heat build-up found in high-wattage light fixtures and signs
  • UL Listed to 150C (302F)

Wing-Nut Wire Connectors

High-Leverage Wing

  • Contoured wing profile provides extra leverage for superior torque
  • Expanding, live-action spring expands to accommodate a wide range of wire sizes and combinations
  • Co-polymer shell expands for smooth, progressive tightening providing dependable connections
  • Removable for repeat usage on same size or larger combinations
  • Tough, UL94V-2 flame retardant shell rated at 105C (221F)


In-Sure Push-In Wire Connectors

Color-coded, the clear polycarbonate housing allows for visual verification of every connection. The ergonomic design of the In-Sure is easier to grip which means more comfortable push-in type connections.


Perfect for OEM lighting manufacturing, prefabricated wiring systems, and any other branch circuit wiring applications where a traditional twist-on wire connector would be used. Simply push the wire in – the low insertion force makes it easy. UL Listed, CSA Certified and rated to 600V and 105ÅãC, the In-Sure. Push-In Wire Connector saves time and improves productivity while perfecting connections.

SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connector

The SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connector provides a crimpfree, solderless butt-splice. The two-port model supports a wide range of wires, allowing one connector to do the job of up to three butt-splices. Its end-to-end connection is also a great solution for pre-fab operations.